Crow Green Fishery

Crow green is a large fishery in Brentwood, Essex. Originally, the 16 acres of land where the fishery now resides was simply a large empty field.

In 1990 the land was purchased by the current owners, Jason & Karen Jopson. They decided to create a two acre lake at the bottom of the land, this was a big project as the land sloped very steeply down to a small stream, it meant earth moving rather than digging, an expensive operation. The earth was banked high at the back, making the far side of the lake edge the same level as the opposite side thus creating the start of the Main Lake, he left a small island in the middle and to one end, the island was planted with trees and shrubs which created the ideal habitat for wildlife and a refuge and nesting site for ducks , he also planted a few hundred trees all round the perimeter of the lake to give shade and shelter from the wind, the lake took some time to fill with water which drained off the neighbouring fields, this enabled a large variety of lilies to be planted which now give a good display of colour in the summer time.


Crow Green Fishery
Crow Green Farm
Days Lane
Pilgrims Hatch

CM15 9SL
United Kingdom

Tel: 01277 375172
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